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Feb 25, 2022 at 06:11 pm by admin

In the less than a year since the launch of our new mobile-friendly website and newsletter, visits to have more than doubled.

Visits hit 107,000 in January 2022, up 137 per cent on April 2021 figures. Pageviews were also at an all-time high of 474,000*, while newsletter views have been running at more than 1000 for the last couple of months. Last week’s 1307 reads represents a 12.3 per cent open rate.

“We’re delighted to see GXpress continue on an upward path since the introduction of our responsive website and newsletter,” said managing editor Peter Coleman. “We’re very pleased with the new look and are delighted that readers are responding to it, and to our regular newsletters.

“The past year has seen the closure of one global newsmedia industry newsletter, and hopefully readers are telling their friends about GXpress.”

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“We’re very grateful to the small band of advertisers who support GXpress with their advertising, and would be delighted to talk promotion to other vendors who feel they might benefit from our industry-focussed reach.

“In fact the only thing that hasn’t changed while visits and readership have more than doubled, is our advertising rates, which are unchanged from 2019.

“This feature is an example of our NewsLeaders branded content offering, which you’ll find in the media kit, or please email me for details.”

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