GASAA boots Ugra into Australian standards certification

Aug 18, 2008 at 11:29 pm by Staff

Australia’s GASAA has signed with Ugra, the Swiss centre of competence for media and printing technology to promote and audit Ugra PSO Certification in Australia and New Zealand. Ugra has provided technical and standards based research for 50 years and is a full member of the ISO TC 130 international committee. GASAA president Luke Everingham says the arrangement is another major step in GASAA’s efforts to help the industry embrace international standards: “Coupled with the recently launched GASAA environmental management course leading to ISO 14001, the association is taking much of the ‘leg work’ out for graphic communications businesses wishing to adopt ISO standard practices and promote themselves accordingly.” GASAA executive officer Garry Knespal, a 25 year veteran of the prepress and print industry, will lead the regional Ugra audit team. More information from GASAA email
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