Systems ideas from the PANPA exhibition

Oct 05, 2008 at 07:16 pm by Staff

Moving from the real estate space to print advertising – with clients including News Limited’s Quest suburbans – Workstream Solutions was a newcomer to the PANPA exhibition hall. International service and support Simone Shirley (pictured with Queensland general manager Chris Wight) demoed systems which allow advertisers to upload their own advertising content within indiovidual customisable templates. Real estate clients including L.J. Hooker use a related system for campaign creation which produces signboards, brochures, cards and other material in PDF form. Pongrass Publishing Systems’ new iPhone-enabled reporting feature makes most of the features of its Management Console monitoring and reporting tool accessible through the iPhone browser. Facilities allow a user to drill down to an individual ad, check available positions on a page, or see how many stories a sub edited that week, for example, via a real-time connection to the server. The company’s integrated customer relationship management system is also on the iPhone, and its founder’s lively interest in the latest mobile technology suggests there’s more to come. Perhaps – in the mould of the Shazam software which listens to music, identifies the song and then offers to sell you it on iTunes – the next CRM development could be a face-recognition feature which identifies the people you meet at exhibitions ... and then reminds you the name of their pet dog. James Breeze – pictured with Realview’s Kirsti Couper – showed Tobii’s eye-tracking system which creates a heat map of items which attract site users’ attention. The Swedish developer teams a eye-tracker hardware/software combo which does not require headgear, with an analysis suite to integrate data with user videos, mouse clicks and keystrokes. The system allows print and other visual advertising to be pre-tested. Casual tests on the stand confirmed what we all already knew ... that ‘sex sells’!


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