Spend to make money: Innovative ideas from Ifra's European study tour

Jan 06, 2009 at 03:27 pm by Staff

If you have a lazy 9000 Euros (A$16,790) hanging around – or 6000 Euros if you're an Ifra member and quick – the 2009 study tour season kicks off next month with an enlightening visit to Europe. the topic is innovative concepts in advertising and promises opportunities to meet market competition and change at sites in Sweden, the UK, Austria and Switzerland. Ifra business development manager Christiane Schmidt says the tour – from February 15-21 – will showcase innovative advertising formats, offline and online, as well as new pricing concepts and new ways that advertising and editorial can work together. The host sites are: - TV4 in Stockholm, Sweden, described as "on a highway to the target group with portal sites linking editorial and advertising content'; - Sweden's 'Norrköpings Tidningar', where steps are being taken to change leadership and sales philosophy, and reorganise the sales deparment. - Visits in London to Associated Newspapers – to see cross-media campaigns for kids, mothers and shoppers – and ABCe, where the topic is providing customers with proof of ROI, are still to be confirmed. What's certain however, is that delegates will visit Google in the UK capital to learn about creating value for consumers with online advertising. - South West Media Group in Plymouth, UK. will show advertising and editorial departments working closer together to combine the strengths of both. - Then it's on to 'Voralberger Medienhaus', in Swarzach, Austria, to discuss innovative advertising formats on target group-focused, multi-brand portals - In Switzerlanmd, the visits are to '20 Minuten Schweiz' in Zurich, to learn about monetising mobile news; and finally - Publicitas in Zurich, to round out the innovative media advertising theme with ways of growing customer loyalty with dynamic pricing concepts. More details from the Ifra website, www.ifra.com or email Schmidt at studytours@ifra.com.
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