QI and EAE team for Danish upgrade

May 04, 2015 at 01:30 pm by Staff

Industry recognition of the link between QI Press Controls and EAE is resulting in orders exploiting their combined resources.

The companies have shred common ownership for just over a year, leading to combined development of advanced automation products and joint orders "starting to pour in", according to spokesperson.

In Denmark, Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland has signed with QIPC-EAE to upgrade its presses, following experience of both companies Based in Holbaek and part of Sjaellandske Media, it publishes four daily and 34 weekly newspapers, the latter totalling 785,000 copies.

With the QI IRS register system cameras and EAE's PrintPP software on a four-tower KBA Comet press at the site both installed ten years ago, the company has opted for an upgrade following investigation of several potential suppliers. Now a software and hardware upgrade for the EAE PrintPP has been ordered, along with replacement of the IRS system by four mRC-3D cameras with AIMS for cut-off control and eight IDS-3D cameras with AIMS for colour register.

Contributing to the order were QI area sales manager Ewin van Rossen and the Piculell & Söderqvist agency.

Pictured (from left): Erwin van Rossem, print manager Niels Grinsted and Jarl Söderqvist (Piculell & Söderqvist)


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