Heidelberg chairman dies in office

May 20, 2015 at 01:22 pm by Staff

Chairman of Heidelberg's supervisory board Robert Koehler has died.

The company has reported his death last Sunday (May 17) aged 66.

He had been appointed to the supervisory board in 2003 and had been chairman since.

An official statement said Koehler made a substantial contribution to the company. "The way he worked combined dedication, passion, conscientiousness, and a straightforward approach. He was a highly respected and exceptionally knowledgeable consultant for the company.

"With his international experience and his focus on the big picture, Koehler played a key role in Heidelberg's development. He actively supported the strategic reorientation toward building up the digital printing and services side of the business that Heidelberg aims to continue growing in the future. The company has a great deal to thank him for.

The Supervisory Board, Management Board, and staff at Heidelberg will all remember Robert J. Koehler with the highest esteem."


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