Tags and Twitter in Enterprise update

Jan 15, 2014 at 12:40 am by Staff

A new version 9.1 of WoodWing Enterprise provides new options to label and tag web content, and delivers updated connectors for Facebook and Twitter.

The update enhances Enterprise 9, launched last September to pave the way for further innovation in multi-channel publishing.

In the Content Station editorial management application all content related to a specific story is collected in a dossier, and 9.1 adds functions to easily label it. Support for slideshows has also been added.

Semantic tagging gets easier with ‘out-of-the-box’ options such as the ability to add tags, use pre-defined tags and use a tag suggestion service. Enterprise ships with integration with Thomson Reuters’ Open Calais , which analyses the text and returns tagging suggestions. It can also support other semantic systems.

Updated connectors integrate Facebook and Twitter in daily channel workflow, making it easy to promote content platforms directly. The Facebook connector also supports the posting of images and the creation of photo albums.

“We want to enable publishers, agencies and marketing departments to manage all their content and media channels using just one application,” says president Erik Schut. “No matter how the customer wants to work – with one consolidated team responsible for all channels or separate teams for print, online and digital, we support all workflows.”

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