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Mar 24, 2014 at 07:29 pm by Staff

What has changed and what has stayed the same in newspapers’ rollercoaster ride of the last 15 years?

WAN-Ifra has just published a ‘collector’s set’ of the Innovations in Newspapers World Report it has commissioned since 1999.

“Fifteen years is a lifetime in the newspaper industry,” says deputy chief executive Larry Kilman, “and this unique document is testimony to the breadth of transformation that has occurred in that time.”

The compendium has been published in advance of this year’s World Newspaper Congress, to be held in Turin, Italy, June 9-11.

“Since the report was first published, the newspaper industry has undergone a radical transformation, with digital, social media, citizen journalism and interactive content now at the forefront. But the reports have been prescient: much that occurred in 1999 is familiar today.

"It's like having a time capsule about the industry," he says.

"The books not only reflect how quickly news media have changed, but also how much stays the same – the details and approaches change, but the basic challenges remain fairly constant."

The 16th Innovations in Newspapers World Report will be presented at this year’s Congress and Editors Forum, led by Juan Señor, a partner with Innovation Media Consulting Group, senior consultant Monica Rey and director and consultant John Wilpers.

Founder and president of Innovation and editor of the reports Juan Antonio Giner says the newspaper industry is “leading the digital transition” with more and better multimedia integrated newsrooms, journalists and managers than ever.

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