NSTP pioneers circulation and distribution logistics

Feb 19, 2016 at 07:25 pm by Staff

New software that plans the detailed logistics of newspaper delivery as part of global management of circulation, subscriptions and finances is being pioneered at Malaysia's New Straits Times Press.

Part of the Shipo system developed by European systems specialist Protecmedia analyses key data in real time to manage logistics and distribution, making it possible to view logistics and financial events related to a specific distributor or individual from a single window.

Part of Media-Prima, the Malaysian group publishes the New Straits Times, New Sunday Times, Berita Harian, Berita Harian Ahad, Harian Metro, Metro and other titles, with four print centres and 18 autonomous offices. Global management of circulation, subscriptions and financial administration saves time and distribution management costs, through a data centre in Kuala Lumpur on which management of 1200 delivery routes depends.

Integration of the mailroom system allows circulation figures to be optimised for each issue, and packaging and bundle assignment tailored to each route. Subscriptions and issues or special supplements for teaching centres are also managed through the same channels.

The system integrates parties including vendors, agents, direct clients and transport contractors into a defined business model, providing NSTP with an assessment of the weight and relevance of each item and handling all elements of daily logistics management such as vehicles, control of schedules, payments to drivers and subscription packages.

Business Intelligence tools within Shipo segment and analyse according to criteria such as the type of client, geographic area or office.

A multidisciplinary team (pictured) composed of specialists from NSTP, Protecmedia and its southeast Asian partner Richmatt Graphics planned and implemented the project.

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