Setting standards

Jul 25, 2008 at 01:38 am by Staff

The AdsML standards development team has published its Framework 3.0 Release 4 enhancements for comment. Centrepiece of this interim release is the ability to transmit a ‘softproofing approval ticket’ for pre-publication advertisement approval or rejection. This capability adds a new feature to the suite of specifications for print media. There are several other changes including modest enhancements to AdsMLMaterials 2.0 and AdsMLBookings 2.0, improved documentation and maintenance updates to other schemas, with all specifications subject to a vote by members on release. For now, the publication of AdsML 3.0 Release 4 gives implementers a choice of three versions: • AdsML Framework 2.0, Release 8 is stable and approved but some key business functions, such as invoicing and proof of publication, are not covered; • AdsML Framework 3.0, Release 3, which contains approved versions of AdsMLFinancials 1.0 and AdsML ProofOfPublication 1.0, and earlier drafts of AdsMLMaterials 2.0 and AdsMLBookings 2.0; and • AdsML Framework 3.0, Release 4 – for comment – which covers the full advertising workflow and is the platform on which all future releases will be based. The Ghent PDF Workgroup has released its first universal ‘proof of preflight’ specification as a free download. Integrated into software, it verifies PDF file integrity throughout a production workflow. Users can review a file’s audit trail including a digital signature, at any time during the design to print workflow. The group says the ‘open’ design makes it interoperable across different vendor workflows. GWG designed the digital signature using algorithms which are defined in the PDF 1.7 (or earlier) specifications, supported in Acrobat as of Acrobat 8. The digital signature complies with all requirements present in the PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3, and PDF/X-4 standards. More details and the download are at gx


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