Food images punch their way to the top

May 15, 2016 at 06:04 pm by Staff

A 174-page issue of Cuisine Magazine with 'presence in the marketplace' earned PMP the top publications category prize in New Zealand's 2016 Pride In Print Awards.

Judges recognised "superb shelf appeal, its feature on 'chock a block' tarts, crumbles, puddings and cakes includes a stunning cover image of a chocolate and cream pudding to excite the tastebuds of the magazine reader".

Another feature setting it out from the competition was its double gatefold, which allows pages to spread out like wings and provide a point of difference to further attract the magazine reader.

"This job was a challenge for the printer," said judge Arthur Lenssen. "Great images have been maintained throughout which has allowed a shelf-appeal 'punch' for all of the magazine's 174 pages. A top-quality magazine with true presence in the marketplace aimed to excite the magazine buyer."

PMP Limited Christchurch South Island operations general manager Bruce Chapman (pictured) says his company, a previous category winner, prides itself on quality. "Food is really critical to our customer so we want to make sure it looks edible. We pride ourselves on delivering what the customer requires.

"We try to give our customers as many options as we can produce. We expect quality whether we are doing a retail catalogue or a high-quality magazine such as Cuisine."

He says print customers in New Zealand expect quality, whether it is something going into the letterbox or something you pay $10 for at the grocer: "They expect it and I think New Zealand printers do a great job."


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