New 4.0 mailrooms get personal

Jul 07, 2016 at 07:42 pm by Staff

Integration, automation and personalisation were key themes as major mailroom vendors brought their latest ideas to DRUPA.

Ferag brought established technologies and expertise to demands for personalised insert and catalogue processing.

Making its trade show debut, the modular One2Out line embraces concepts and technologies which will be familiar to existing clients, to parcel mail inserts for delivery. Two strands are connected by a loop and provide for a 41-plus-one hopper collation or two parallel processes with up to 21 hoppers each, running at up to 40,000 cph.

One of the brochures is folded into a jacket, with the others - of up to 32 pages -inserted into it, while stacking and strapping modules complete the process.

In a personalised mailing application, Ferag's Navigator takes control, handling postpress processing through digital document management to material flow and logistics. An optional Optimizer module uses production data to calculate the optimal process.

In the spirit of Ferag's 'Industry 4.0' DRUPA theme, the company's modular EasySert inserting concept under Navigator control now handles individual and personalised inserting, adding new units to another familiar system.

There's an opportunity here for retailing groups to use data from loyalty cards to target customers... or of course, newspaper publishers can expand and profit from subscriber-related home delivery data.

The EasySert module is supported by components including inkjet addressing and a new standby loop which uses the same gravity-fed concept of the Skyfall plate conveyor to buffer personalised sections and ensure accuracy.

Individual products potentially from an inkjet web press are identified and tracked using software developed inhouse by the Swiss manufacturer.

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