There is Merino. Then there is the best Merino.

Aug 27, 2018 at 01:12 am by Staff

Wilderness Wear has always worked with the best materials possible in the design and manufacture of its technical outdoor clothing - it is a habit that forms the company's DNA. We do this because we like it and we know that our customers like it - there is just something about knowing that the starting point for a venture is categorised as 'best'. And in this context, 'best' does not just relate to product, it relates to process and mindset as well.

Merino has been acknowledged as the world's best textile wool for centuries and is synonymous with Australia's wool industry - even though the sheep actually originates from Portugal. Englishman John Macarthur is credited with founding the local wool industry in the early 1800s by securing a number of prized Merino sheep from royal Spanish flocks via a sneaky deal with the Dutch Cape Colony. From there the 'living off the sheep's back' story of Australia grew and Macarthur went on to be memorialized in the nation's history, including everyday honours put to postage stamps and currency.

The deal with Merino is its fineness, with the 'Fine' gradings at 25 microns, 'Superfine' at 18 microns and 'Ultrafine' at just 15 microns - all the product of Australian Merino sheep. End of story. Except to point out that the lower the fiber thickness and longer the staple, the softer the feel and the more efficient the thermal capability, which is why the world loves this high-end material for next-to-skin garments.

Achieving the finest grades of Merino wool does not come easily, and Wilderness Wear sources its highest grade Merino wool from a small number of growers in Tasmania who have been selectively breeding sheep for this purpose for generations. One of the advantages of sheep grown in Tasmania is climate - cooler temperatures are conducive to better wool, both in terms of yield and quality, with slow growing pastures providing a protein-rich food source and moderate year-round temperatures promoting uniform fiber growth.

The Tasmanian Merino™ brand stands for sustainability, conscience and traceability. Wilderness Wear's growers are highly cognizant of the pristine land conditions, fresh water quality and ultra clean air that are key 'ingredients' in the growing of these sheep, and also hold to a code of livestock growth and management that ensure their flocks are maintained in the most ethical manner possible. And for patriotic shoppers, it is great that the provenance is clear and that a product range of this quality level can be truly referred to as completely Australian.

So, in deciding upon a Wilderness Wear garment or item made from Merino wool, a wearer will feel pleased from knowing its origin, feel great after sensing its touch, and be impressed through experiencing its performance.

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