NIR dryer speeds Screen's performance inkjet

Oct 16, 2018 at 08:43 pm by Staff

The introduction of an NIR dryer for Screen's 520HD inkjet web will deliver higher print speeds on coated litho stocks and expand lightweight paper capabilities, the company says.

The flagship high-volume production inkjet web has been developed since its release two years ago with features including the use of SC inks. The new development takes it closer to offset-quality on standard stocks

Managing director of Screen GP Australia Peter Scott says that with the lkarge amounts of water to get rid of, drying and curing had always been an issue with high-volume inkjet. "The new near infrared (NIR) dryer means we can dramatically advance productivity for work demanding high image quality and expands print applications for high speed inkjet across a broad landscape of products."

The new Screen NIR dryer technology is built into the existing press frame of the 520HD, extending drying performance for both lightweight uncoated stocks and heavier weight, coated litho substrates. Drying is now three-tiered: heat dissipation, hot air assist, and new infrared.

Screen says the integrated solution achieves a drying balance along the entire paper path tuned specifically to the characteristics of the paper, reducing or eliminating the cockling often associated with traditional inkjet ink drying methods. Operators create substrate profiles with embedded drying protocols at different print resolutions and ink limits.

Screen branded 520HD units currently in the field can be upgraded with the new dryer onsite.


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