Processing pushed out by ping-pong in Korean CTP move

Oct 17, 2018 at 12:57 am by Staff

Plate processing has given way to table tennis at South Korean newspaper printer SRB Media following a switch to CTP and process-free plates.

Two factories in Gwangju print a variety of daily newspapers including Donga Ilbo, Hankyoreh, Mudeung Ilbo and Seouil Economic Daily, as well as Sarangbang, known as the largest information source in the Honam region.

A new video now tells the story of the introduction of Kodak's Sonora X plates at SRB, completed early in 2016 at both factories. Managers explain the efficiency and cost savings achieved at the newspaper printing facility - which was established in 2002 - with the elimination of the "huge loss of time" due to film-based platemaking. Unreliable quality and increased fatigue of employees led to the conversion to CTP being considered, along with the process free plate system.

It's also brought an end to processor glitch issues and worries about the loss of halftone dot caused by excessive or lack of chemistry. "Processors are swept away and we enjoy savings of cost and labour as well," says a staff member.

An additional benefits is that the plant no longer receives quarterly audit visits from environment ministry representatives, "let alone headaches involving processors, chemicals and contamination in the wastewater treatment plant".

Initial concerns about quality "turned to pleasant surprise" when images were printed as soon as the plates had been hung on the press. "The whole printing process has been simplified, and we are happy at being free from various contamination issues.

"It is also superb that the space occupied by processors has given way to the leisure equipment for employees."


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