More vibrant samples as Baldwin showcases LED-UV

Mar 04, 2019 at 11:41 pm by Staff

Vibrant print samples from a demonstration of LED-UV curing technology are included in a new 'look-book'.

The samples were printed on a high-speed manroland web by Druckerei Kyburz in Dielsdorf, Switzerland, during an open day with equipment maker AMS Spectral UV and Chromos, and will be on show at the Print UV 2019 show in Las Vegas this month.

President of the company Steve Metcalf says the samples show the vibrant colour, ink density and quality possible with the technology as an alternative to heatset. "It proves LED-UV produces colour and quality that supersedes anything possible with conventional drying methods, and at speeds that are literally twice as fast as the fastest sheetfed perfecting press.

"Not only are copies instantly dry and into finishing, but it is done with zero heat, zero chill-down, zero gas consumption, no permitting, and half of the electrical energy of a typical heatset dryer."

Samples on seven different paper types show the range of substrates which can be used, and feature vibrant imagery that is rich in black tones and complex multicolour scenarios.

Metcalf says makeready waste is reduced, "wavy-ness eliminated", and a wide variety of lighter-weight materials can be used.

"Add to that a large amount of physical space is saved in the pressroom by removal of the heatset dryer that can be rededicated to other forms of inline finishing."

The three-day Print UV 2019 educational event is being held from March 27-29, details at


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