Tecnau launches new sheeter at Poing digital expo

Sep 22, 2019 at 11:20 am by Staff

New features for inkjet web print finishing are being launched by Tecnau at Canon's Poing event.

A new Revolution 50 series featuring top speeds internet-of-things compatibility and media flexibility includes the Stack 5151 system for cutting and stacking inkjet-printed output.

Canon's Future Promotion Forum & Production Printing Business Days 2019 in Poing, Germany (September 24-26) continues the event originated by Océ.

Tecnau claims its Stack 5151 "reliably operates" as fast as 180 metres/minute, never letting go of the web, while minimising touchpoints. It includes the c51 cutter - for which new blade technology guarantees up to 100 million cuts of uninterrupted production - and s51 stacker, which offers north/south job offsetting.


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