Tensor T-400 'with the lot' goes to Norway

Jul 27, 2008 at 06:46 pm by Staff

A 12-tower Tensor T-400 for Norway’s NR1 Adressa-Trykk Orkanger is “probably the most highly-automated and user friendly press the US maker has sold, according to president Don Gustafson. A new showcase building has been built specifically to house the massive press and ultra-modern newspaper and commercial production departments, following a cooperation between two leading printing and publishing companies. It will produce more than 20 different newspaper titles – with circulations between 3000-20,000 – and a large number of coldset commercial products for distribution throughout mid-Norway. The fully-loaded shaftless press is anchored by two Tensor H-50 HD folders, each of which is capable of handling 12 webs with the help of independently driven RTFs. Shaftless commercial quarter folders accompany each folder. The primary folder is equipped with an upper former for sectioned tabloid newspaper production. Each of the three steep angle formers on the press has motorised tabloid slitters and shaftless stitchers for both newspaper and commercial products. A gluing system is to be installed on the main folder. This pressline configuration allows for printing 96 tabloid pages of four-colour at 35,000 cph and 64 pages at 40,000 cph. A DCOS production management system logs the performance, maintenance and production data of each product run, and assists in scheduling jobs. The T-400 print units are equipped with a full helical gear train and class 13 gears on the main cylinder, both of which virtually eliminate dot distortion, the maker says. Units sport spray dampeners, motorised ink fountain rollers and EPG remote inking with presetting. A technotrans pumped ink supply system and ink levellers keep ink flowing with minimal disruption of print runs. Press maintenance time is reduced dramatically with a PDM TwinTurboWeb cleaning system and a vacuum dust collection system.The press also has DCOS colour-to-colour and cutoff controls for all 12 webs. These register guidance controls, along with the majority of the main auxiliary systems, are controlled from the four press control consoles. Tensor shaftless infeeds control the webs fed from the 12 automatic flying pasters situated at right angles to the pressline, with turnerbars located under the towers. Both NR1 Trykk at Tromso and Avisa Nordland in Bodo, Norway, have Tensor presses. Tensor international sales manager Mike Pavone says the Tromso press originally comprised 23 printing units, but was expanded in 2005 and 2007 to its current 33 units (eight towers and one mono unit). The Avisa Nordland press in Bodo is 26 units (six towers and two mono units). gx


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