Developers get integrated tooling for extensions

Feb 10, 2021 at 05:16 pm by Staff

Systems developer Eidosmedia has launched VSIDE, an extension of the Visual Studio Code development environment.

The company says it can be used to develop extensions for the Eidosmedia platform with VSIDE combining "the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling", like IntelliSense code completion and debugging.

It can be used to help preview and test React-based, cross-platform panels for both its Swing and Prime products, as well as with Github-integrated testing and deployment.

EomDB objects and configuration files can be viewed and edited, all in native XML format, while leveraging VSC features such as syntax highlighting and embedded Git. Configuration files can be imported and exported via API or directly from IDE.

"Panel development for Swing and Prime becomes rapid and streamlined, because you write it once leveraging a shared NodeJS framework, and then build the UI thanks to the integration with Eidosmedia's UI library.

The "IDE part of the VSIDE provides a "controlled" environment in which some Méthode extensions can be built.

Extensions can be built directly inside Visual Studio Code without having to go back and forth to Prime or Swing for testing, which could otherwise be time consuming.


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