ECRM ‘rests’ at 50, selling platesetter business to Kodak

Apr 20, 2021 at 05:08 pm by admin

One of the ‘names’ of the graphic arts’ electronic revolution has moved out of CTP, selling its platesetter business to Kodak.

Based in North Andover, Massachusetts, ECRM was an industry innovator and pioneer, its brand first evident on a high resolution scanner, the Autokon 8400, introduced in the 1980s and an essential component in the move to electronic pagination.

A visit to the company’s website indicates how things have changed. The most recent release is dated April 2016, and announces the establishment of a new division to offer engineering, prototyping and manufacturing services as a trade service. The website spruiks medical devices above all and mentions graphic arts last in a list of “other industries”.

While its Mako-branded platesetters had been a cost-effective option, especially in the newspaper market, ECRM used its extensive skills in the design and manufacture of complex optical-mechanical systems requiring a wide variety of lasers, electro-mechanical subsystems and software control to earn a living as an OEM manufacturer, building systems for leading brands including Kodak.

Eastman Kodak is acquiring the assets of ECRM Inc’s CTP device business for the graphic arts and newspaper segments, including equipment, contracts, inventory and intellectual property. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Kodak executive chairman and chief executive Jim Continenza says the acquisition reflects its commitment to the printing industry and focus on investing in growth.

His opposite number at ECRM, Rick Black spoke of the challenging pandemic year, and the company’s fiftieth anniversary, “a good time to rest on our past successes, yet protect and service our many long-term customers with an established company of appropriate size, CTP competence, and resources.

“We are pleased today to place our company assets with Kodak,” he said.

Pictured: Complex electro-mechanical manufacturing is in ECRM’s DNA


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