China open for video-driven business

May 26, 2021 at 02:37 pm by admin

A partnership between Brightcove and SCMP owner Alibaba will help overcome restrictions on streaming content to China, the video company says.

While the core market is global companies that need to train employees or sell products, the new partnership may open media options.

Reported problems include video loading and analytics failures, while others have been blacklisted for lack of an in-country domain and licence.

Brightcove says the partnership with e-commerce giant Alibaba – which is headquartered in the country, and owns Hong Kong publisher the South China Morning Post – makes it the first video provider to enable on-demand video streaming into the nation.

China will host a projected $US2.8 trillion (A$3.59 trillion) in ecommerce this year, and corporate communications divisions will continue to engage employees with more video. The Brightcove China Delivery via Alibaba Cloud enables content owners to use a checkbox interface to start distributing video in China and analyse its performance.

Chief product officer Namita Dhallan says the deal brings to an end the “separate, complex, and disappointing process” for attempting video-driven business in China.

“We are opening the country for business for our customers securely and reliably.”

Photo: Chinese New Year by Stefano Borghi Cartier



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