Global experts tackle newsroom leadership for INMA

Nov 13, 2022 at 06:49 pm by admin

With the rising impact newsrooms have in building outcomes such as engagement and subscriptions “crystal clear”, INMA is sharing acquired wisdom with a Newsroom Leadership Master Class next month.

Three two-and-a-half hour modules – with a US$395 price tag even for members (US$1190 for non-members) – focus on transforming newsroom cultures to lead, understand data and engage readers.

The classes are being held on December 1, 8 and 15.

INMA says it is marshalling “the brightest editorial and innovation minds in news media” to elevate high-performance newsrooms: people and talent, applying content economics to editorial decisions, and how best to engage readers.

Among the global experts named for the sessions are News Corp Australia head of audience development Soraiya Fuda, Axios (US) publisher Nicholas Johnston, FAZ editor Carsten Knop, Reuters Institute research fellow Lucy Küng, Factor Daily (India) co-founder Pankaj Mishra, Berlinske (Denmark) editor-in-chief Mette Østergaard, Rutgers University (US) assistant professor of journalism and media studies Caitlin Petre, Times & Sunday Times head of digital Edward Roussel, Financial Times head of audience engagement Hannah Sarney, and KStA Media (Germany) chief executive Thomas Schults-Homberg.

The master class will dive into solutions for “some of the newsroom’s thorniest problems”, such as:

-How to manage a newsroom in an economic downturn while continuing to professionally develop journalists, editors, and all personnel.

-How to quantitatively understand the value of your news brand’s content, how to evaluate what content triggers what outcomes, and how to put processes in place to permanently evaluate.

-What specific tactics drive reader engagement, ranging from the productisation of journalism to understanding what content generates responses such as converting casual readers into subscribers.

Topics include meeting and exceeding user expectations; tools that promote trust promote engagement; understanding what converts readers to subscribers; how to avoid a ‘counsel of despair’ with climate change reporting; when reporting is urgent not activism; managing a newsroom in a downturn; tough decisions; staff retention and development; developing human capital in the newsroom; superhuman journalists – what skills do they really need; and protecting people and keeping them healthy.

Module 1 (December 1) addresses lessons in leadership, goal-setting, and creating high-performance newsrooms; Module 2 (December 8) addresses content economics, content strategy, and value propositions; and Module 3 (December 15 addresses the newsroom’s evolving role in digital reader engagement.

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