‘Fun ahead’ as Chartbeat is funded for Lineup, Tubular buy

Mar 21, 2023 at 02:31 am by admin

Click monitor Chartbeat has bought Lineup and Tubular Labs, bringing three much-used services under one roof.

Chartbeat chief executive John Saroff says many of its customers already use a combination of these tools – Lineup for revenue management and Tubular for analytics. “These acquisitions mean that Chartbeat now gives media enterprises a single set of tools and services to bolster relationships with users at every step of the journey.

“Each of us has been a leader in media technology for more than a decade. Each team deeply understands the challenges media organisations have in defining the audience who need to hear these stories, engaging users in a meaningful way, and building value advertisers and loyalists will pay for.”

With editorial and revenue teams working together increasingly, silos separating media software into group for ‘editorial’ and another for ‘revenue’ are collapsing.

Adding Lineup and Tubular to the Chartbeat toolkit “fully equips” clients’ teams with a technological answer at every part of the reader journey.

And he says as publishers diversify revenue streams, Chartbeat is better able to support media companies as they find these new pathways to growth, from memberships and subscriptions to content licensing and advertising.

In a blog,  he says “big thanks” are in order, not only to customers and users, but to Chartbeat’s board, investors at Cuadrilla Capital, and its own team, adding, “this is going to be fun”.

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