Print delivers a winning USP for Aussie newsmedia

May 28, 2023 at 02:20 am by admin

Instead of the clusters of placed projects or previous years, a few Australian and New Zealand media companies scored INMA success with standout projects… three of them leveraging print.

Among them was News Corp Australia’s The Chronicle – from Queensland’s Darling Downs – with a startlingly simple idea: Use print to deliver a unique selling proposition.

The Chronicle sales team of two-and-a-half – down from five previously – used access to various print clients to pitch print and digital solutions and hard bundle digital campaigns with all print advertisements across its custom publishing magazines.  

News Corp first party data and audience segments were used to match digital offerings with print publication topics.

Between April 2022 to January 2023 the custom publishing team secured more than $825,000 in digital sales, growth of 1300 per cent YOY, while digital transactions went from 52 to 298 in ten months.

The project gained an honourable mention in the regional category for ‘best idea to grow advertising sales’ for their ‘Custom Publishing Digital Acquisition’, as did New Zealand national brand the NZ Herald for ‘NZME Print Makes an Instant Impression (pictured).

News’ Geelong Advertiser also gained a third place in the regional ‘best use of print’ category for ‘Geelong Advertiser Grand Final Souvenir Edition’.


Other standouts from the region included two places in the ‘best initiative to acquire subscribers’ category – for Seven West Media’s ‘Driving Subscriber Acquisition Using AI’ and the (Sydney) Daily Telegraph’s ‘The War’.

The Age gained an honourable mention for ‘best internal data dashboard and reports’ for ‘Homepage CTR Bootstrap’, while SBS News was first among national brands for transforming editorial and content strategy using an audience user needs data approach’.

Among those honoured for innovation in newsroom transformation were Nine’s Sydney Morning Herald, with a third place for its trainee programme, and NZME with a first place for the Te Rito Journalism Cadetship ‘Te Ara Hou: A New Pathway’.

Nine’s Sydney Morning Herald and The Age also gained a first place in best use of visual journalism and storytelling tools for ‘Multi-Dimensional Data Visualisation’.

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