Singapore buyer to take Aussie adtech to the world

Mar 13, 2024 at 11:36 am by admin

Australian Adtech company Trade Indy – which has customers in southeast Asia, North America and the Middle East – has been acquired by its Singapore partner Sqreem Technologies.

Chief executive of Sqreem – which claims to be the world’s largest digital behaviour aggregator – Ian Chapman-Banks says the deal will put the “into the global A-league of AI innovators”.

Sqreem was established in 2010, and develops AI solutions that match online behaviours with brands and publishers, identifying clients’ most valuable groups of customers and their behaviours – enabling cookie-free ad-targeting at scale and helping track brand spending.

Trade Indy, founded in 2014, is currently expanding in Australia and enjoying rapid growth in southeast Asia. Sqreem says Trade Indy’s success “predominantly built on offering programmatic managed service to media agencies and brands direct” has more recently been built using the Sqreem platform.

Trade Indy directors Mark Rosenberg and James Robertson say the acquisition is “a natural progression” with both organisations sharing the same values and drive. The deal will give Trade Indy exclusive access to the “world’s largest” taxonomy of audiences which, coupled with supply, are activated through its global network.

Chapman Banks said Sqreem had grown significantly “over the past two years alone”, with acquisitions and partnerships in more than ten global markets.

“The Trade Indy acquisition is significant in that it simultaneously puts Sqreem into the global A-League of AI Innovators but domestically, whilst Australia currently ranks fifteenth out of 62 countries across the world for AI adoption, this presents a unique opportunity for early adopters like Sqreem and Trade Indy to drive significant growth for their clients whilst expanding their global reach and relevance.”

Sqreem claims transformative outcomes including improvements in media price of 30-40 per cent across all digital channels, together with uplifts in customer engagement of 40-60 per cent.

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