Merger brings distribution knowledge to WAN-Ifra

Jun 19, 2024 at 04:46 pm by admin

A “strategic merger” will see European-based circulation and distribution group Distripress become part of WAN-Ifra.

The merger follows approval by both associations’ general assemblies last month.

DistriPress members will have a dedicated community within WAN-Ifra which will see services uninterrupted while members gain access to WAN-Ifra’s full suite of services.

Similarly, WAN-Ifra says the merger will bring distribution expertise and best practices to its members globally. President Ladina Heimgartner said she was “incredibly excited” about the resulting opportunities. “With the rapid transformation in the media business, combining the resources of the two organisations will allow us to support the industry in a holistic manner.

“With the merger, we can provide even greater value to our members and make a more significant impact on the industry as a whole.”

Established in 1955, DistriPress is a global trade association focussing on promoting circulation and distribution of newspapers and magazines. Members include press distributors, publishers and service providers. Its annual DistriPress Congress (pictured) will take place in Budapest this year, from September 22-25.

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