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Tan moves on to role as blockchain ‘evangelist’

Jul 10, 2022 at 06:47 am by admin

Former SPH ideas man Geoff Tan has made a second move after leaving the Straits Times publisher in 2020 after a 34-year career. Tan, who was most recently head of SPH’s.... Read More

‘Slashed’ by merger, NMA promises journalism will thrive

Jul 07, 2022 at 08:47 pm by admin

A ‘slash’ punctuation mark – known in some markets as the shilling-stroke – has taken a front role in the merger of the News Media Alliance and the MPA.... Read More

Mullen adds two more titles to his growing US stable

Jul 03, 2022 at 09:33 pm by admin

Another couple of US newspapers have changed hands with Louie Mullen taking over the Lennox Independent and Tea Weekly in southeastern South Dakota. Media merger and acquisit.... Read More

Venture that spoke out becomes a podcast market leader

Jul 01, 2022 at 01:02 am by admin

A high-profile podcast channel in which Schibsted was a start-up investor has turned out to be the Nordic media giant’s biggest growth brand. Presenting the closing key.... Read More

A hyperlocal success built on tech… but only if you get it

Jun 29, 2022 at 11:45 pm by admin 1

A Gallic shrug accompanies Jean Pierre Vittu de Kerraoul’s answer to my question about the number of hyperlocal editions he publishes. There could be 100, 150 editions.... Read More